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Edwin R. (Santa Clarita, CA)

I do not agree with this change. This only benefits the rich because in my case I can not buy an electric car. I hope for a Governor that thinks about the middle-class people. – Edwin R. (Santa Clarita, CA).

Marcos G. (Santa Clarita, CA)

It is deceptive that they want to enforce something we didn’t decide. I want to buy a new house, but I can only pick the houses with solar panels. I don’t want a house like that. – Marcos G. (Santa Clarita, CA)

Juan E. (Santa Clarita, CA)

We should all have the same opportunities. – Juan E. (Santa Clarita, CA)

Blanca M. (Santa Clarita, CA)

We depend on energy every day, and improving climate change is everyone’s responsibility; but what they are proposing is NOT beneficial for everyone. – Blanca M. (Santa Clarita, CA)

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