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José M. (Bell Gardens, CA)

There is a high cost of living in California and a large low-income population. There is no balance on the issues for millions of people living in California. -Jose M. (Bell Gardens, CA)

Julio G. (Bell Gardens, CA)

There is not enough capital for the transition to electric cars and the government is not helping. – Julio G. (Bell Gardens, CA)

Laura C. (Norwalk, California)

We cannot pay for a new car, let alone an electric car. All the new changes that come with it, like using an electric stove. It is too problematic, because it takes too long to cook. – Laura C. (Norwalk, CA)

Tony R. (Downey, CA)

The cost of cars and electric trucks only take into account the prices corporations and people with high-income can pay. The state has not thought about the people that live paycheck to paycheck. – Tony R. (Downey, CA)

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