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Fernando N. (Buena Park, CA)

The transition is good but doesn’t need to be rushed. Thinking about people who live on a fixed salary that at times is lower than the minimum is important. – Fernando N. (Buena Park, CA)

José G. (Buena Park, CA)

Well, the important thing for me is the option to buy electric or gas cars. But it doesn’t have to be law, the rights of us poor people are fleeting. – Jose G. (Buena Park, CA)

Rita V. (Fullerton, CA)

The most important thing is that not everyone can buy electric cars, it’s expensive with today’s salaries and rents. When car’s batteries expire, it will be a problem for the environment. – Rita V. (Fullerton, CA)

María Z. (Fullerton, CA)

It is necessary to listen to the points of all the ethnic groups and see what combines each one of us and not let the politicians decide for us, because with inflation we must make other decisions. – Maria Z. (Fullerton, CA)

Petra T. (Fullerton, CA)

The important thing is to take into account our low-income people and not only see the benefits for themselves. The climate is also important, like us, but it would be a big expense. – Petra T. (Fullerton, CA)

Manuela D. (Fullerton, CA)

The legislators should protect the poor. – Manuela D. (Fullerton, CA)

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