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Estefanía T. (San Diego, CA)

The new law on electric machines affects my family and many others that have gardening businesses. – Estefanía T. (San Diego, CA)

Ofelia O. (San Diego, CA)

I am low-income. I am disabled. I depend on my car to go to the doctor, shopping, etc. The electric cars are discriminating the poor. – Ofelia O. (San Diego, CA)

Josefina I. (San Diego, CA)

A transition like this can’t be made. You have to take into account the people who get up everyday to work, but still don’t make enough money. – Josefina I. (San Diego, CA)

Marita B. (San Diego, CA)

The disposal of so many cars will do a lot of damage to the environment. – Marita B. (San Diego, CA)

Ignacio B. (San Diego, CA)

They should not force us all to have electric vehicles without considering the economic effects on the population first. – Ignacio B. (San Diego, CA)

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