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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Levanta Tu Voz (LTV)?

Levanta Tu Voz (Raise Your Voice) is a program of the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA)

What is the LTV Mission?

Improving air quality and fighting climate change will only work if the solutions are affordable for everyone. And even though Latinos will be disproportionately impacted by a rushed energy transition – California politicians and media are failing to include Latino voices on energy and climate issues.

That is why Levanta Tu Voz was created – to engage, educate and empower the voices of the Latino community in California. We want policymakers to hear from you and know that Californians need real solutions that work for everyone – not just the wealthy.

Why did WSPA create this program?

On September 23, 2020, Governor Newsom announced his executive order banning the sale of gas-powered cars in California by 2035, with bans starting as soon as 2026. California can lead in providing clean air, but the timelines suggested – and in some cases, mandated – by our elected officials are unrealistic. California needs more time to equitably reach climate goals.

When politicians change the rules around oil and clean natural gas, they make energy more expensive. That hurts hard-working people whose work relies on gas-powered cars and equipment. It hurts Californians who can’t afford to buy more expensive and less effective equipment just to make a living. It’s middle-and low-income Californians that get hit the hardest by new rules—whether it’s banning oil and gas production; or banning gas-powered cars; or forcing all Californians to buy electric vehicles. In fact, the Governor and his supporters admit the transition will be hardest on middle-and low-income Californians, but their only answers are public transportation, more bus lanes and bike paths.

WSPA has been working with the Latino community over the last several years, listening to your stories and co-creating a program where your voices and perspectives can be part of the energy and climate conversation. It is time to raise your voices.

How much time do people have to purchase all-electric vehicles?

Governor Newsom’s ban on gasoline, diesel and even hybrid cars and trucks will start in 2026, with the goal of 100% of new cars and trucks being EVs by 2035. 2026 is just four years away. 2035 is 12 years away. Policies must work for all Californians, not just the wealthy.

Why is this program focused on Latino communities?

California’s leaders do not involve the Latino community when making energy and climate policies. No one asks what electrification means for Latino businesses, families or pocketbooks. Politicians and the media love to speak about Latinos, but they mostly fail to include Latino voices about the issues that matter most.

Further, Hispanic Californians are the largest racial or ethnic group in the state, making up 39.4% of the state population in the 2020 census. Levanta Tu Voz creates a platform for the Latino community to learn, participate, and use their voices to talk about the energy issues that matter most.

Why does my story matter?

Over the past several years, we have urged California’s policymakers to consider the impact that their policies have on Californians, but they continue to push for energy policies that are moving too fast and too soon. Your voices and experiences in the energy transition matter.

We know that policymakers in California value the input of their constituents. So, we want to share your stories to remind policymakers that everyday Californians need real solutions that work for all Californians, not just the wealthy. This could mean doing an interview with a journalist or meeting with your local elected oficial to discuss your experience and the impact their policies will have on your family, community, and job.

How can I share my story?

You can get involved and share your story by filling out the form submission on our website. Tell us what is most important to you in the conversation about energy transition. One of our team members will follow up to hear more and find ways to get your story out there.

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Are resources available in both English and Spanish?

Yes, the resources section on our website as well as all content on our website is available in both English and Spanish.

How can I get involved?

We want you to share your story and remind policymakers that everyday Californians need real solutions that work for all Californians, not just the wealthy. Here are some ways you can raise your voice and get involved:

  • Learn how energy policies can impact your family, community, and business.
  • Share your personal story about the importance of affordable and reliable energy in your everyday life and job.
  • Attend a workshop to learn how to speak to media or policymakers.
  • Speak to the media or policymakers about your unique energy needs & concerns.
  • Share our resources on social media.

Where can I find resources to learn more?

Check out the resources section on our website for more information about the energy policies in California that are impacting Latino businesses and families. We will update our website regularly.

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