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Jesse G. (Fresno, California)

What is going on now is what has been going on for a long time. Our community is being forgotten. We are not receiving the right information in language about the energy transition, we need to know this information so our community can raise questions or concerns when we have then. – Jesse G. (Fresno, CA)

Estella K. (Selma, CA)

Growing up in Selma our voices were not always heard. The problem still persists today as in the days of Cesar Chavez – where my dad marched in the movement. Latinos are not being considered when these important political decisions are being made. We must do better to hear these voices. – Estella K. (Selma, CA)

Luis R. (Fresno, CA)

Although the idea behind this energy transition is nice, not everyone has the means to make the switch right away. Our community must go to local meetings and raise our voices to share our thoughts on how this will affect us and our families. – Luis R. (Fresno, CA)

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