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Levanta Tu Voz

Our voices matter when creating energy policies that directly impact the livelihoods of Latino communities.

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Cost efficiency

Not everyone is financially well off. We don’t have the possibilities of the rich. Everything that is electric costs more money. I DO NOT AGREE!!!

These options are not available to people that cannot make the change due to economic reasons. – Marco R. (Montclair, CA)

These laws are being rushed to put this project into effect, but those who are developing the laws do not care. Minorities are being harmed and they are the most affected. – Dimas E. (Chino, CA)

Money isn’t something that can be generalized when we all have different incomes. It is unfair. – Clementina R. (Chino, CA)

It is important that we take into account all the needs are different for each person and I know that caring for the environment is important but having the option to continue having access to vehicles is important too. – Maria M. (San Bernadino, CA)

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